Music Lessons: How to Creatively Motivate Your Kids

Posted on September 14, 2011

Motivate your Kid

Taking music lessons when we were still kids is a common scenario. Remember when your parents forced you to take music lessons? You, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with the guitar lessons. What your parents did not know, you wanted to try your hands on the drums or the keyboards. You tried to give them a hint by looking longingly at the drums, but your parents would have none of it, saying the drums were too noisy to be considered music. How wrong they were. Drums are as capable as other instruments to make beautiful music. Anyway, the point here is that parents should learn to listen to their children once in a while. They could have taken your interests into consideration when they got you to study music lessons. Having said that, it would do you well to do the same thing once you decide to give your own kids music lessons.

Teaching kids to play musical instruments can be a frustrating task. Children would rather play with video games, dolls, and their imaginary friends rather than with musical instruments. That may be true, but it does not mean there’s nothing you can do to motivate your kids from taking music lessons.

First things first. Be sure to take your kids’ opinion as mentioned earlier. Doing so will help motivate your kid into further studying his choice of musical instruments. Second be sure to boost your kids confidence. You can do this by continually praising your child. However, be sure not to overdo it. This way, your child will look forward to getting praises from you. Another thing, the child will appreciate each task he has accomplished if he knows that he earned the praises he has been getting.

Another way to motivate your child into playing musical instruments is by giving rewards. And by rewards, we mean physical prizes like a doll, a toy car, or just some candies. Regardless of the prize, your child will definitely perform better during music lessons if he knows he can be rewarded for his efforts. Try giving your little girl some pretty beads after she finishes with her voice or music lessons. Beads? What would your daughter need beads for? Good question. She can collect as many beads as long  as she does well on her lessons. But before doing this project, you can tell her that she can get a bracelet for doing well with the lessons she’s taking. And the best part here is that you and your little princess can spend some extra bonding time making her bracelets and necklaces using the beads she earned from the music lessons. Crafty, right?

As for the princes, you can start off by buying inexpensive toys for the boys. Next, you can mark these toys with prices. Afterwards, you can tell the boys that they can buy from the “family” store using poker chips. However, the boys can only get poker chips every time they finish with their music lessons. It would also be a good idea to use different colored chips for every child. This way they can avoid borrowing “money” / chips from each other.

If you are parent searching for music lessons for your child , I recommend trying lessons at Allans Music + Billy Hyde or the Pirana Music Academy.

Slipknot DJ Sid Wilson Debuts Solo Album

Posted on September 13, 2011

DJ Sid Wilson

Over the years, I have had a blast with the band; going on tours; meeting new friends; attending rockin’ parties; and most importantly learning new things from these experiences. From these functions, we got to know musicians and fans, whom we are all grateful for. In relation, it is also in one of these events that I have come to know Sid Wilson. You may know him from the other names he goes by: DJ Starscream, # 0, and Ratboy.

Now, why am I writing about Sid? You all know him from Slipknot. He’s the youngest band member, and he does the background music and scratching for the band. Occasionally, he also dabbles with the keyboards. On the other hand, you may have heard of him getting severe burns on his leg. The cause? He lit himself on fire. On other instances, you may have heard of him getting body injuries from jumping off the stage and diving into guard rails. Crazy, right? However,  who doesn’t have a bit of craziness lurking in himself? Most importantly, underneath all the crazy antics lies a great artist who now has taken the steps to go out alone.

Go out alone meaning, Sid Wilson has been working on his solo album. Actually, this has been under wraps for several years. Incidentally, his self titled album, SID, is scheduled for release on 13 September 2011. This album can be bought in all parts of the world via Amazon and iTunes. With the release of this album, you’ll see just how much of a versatile artist Sid is. I heard that Sid did most of the work in terms of engineering, writing, producing, and recording. Would you look at that! In addition, the debut album was mixed by Ross Robinson and mastered by Chris Gehringer.

The album, they say, is a mix of several genres that have inspired Sid. What does Sid have to say though? According to him, “The structure is B-boy. It’s all based off of hip hop.” Now that’s interesting! After all, Slipknot is a heavy-metal band. Looks like we’re all going to see a different side of Sid. Can’t wait to grab a copy of Sid’s debut album.

Fleet Foxes: Neither Helpless nor Blue

Posted on September 12, 2011

Fleet Foxes, an Oregon-based folk band, released their self-titled debut album on the 3rd of June 2008 and on the 9th of the same month in the USA and the UK, respectively.  Three years later, we have come across their second album, Helplessness Blues.

Just how helpless and blue are we talking about? For one thing, the previous album had a “cheery” feel to it. This time around, the second album carries on a different tune. Helplessness Blues has a dark ominous cloud hovering on the horizon. This baroque pop music clearly reflects what Fleet Foxes has been through.

While working on the album, the band had prepared several songs. Most of these songs could have been included for the second album launch. However, these same songs were to be set aside causing much stress and problems to the band. Robin Pecknold, Fleeting Foxes’ songwriter, shares that “The last year has been a really trying creative process where I’ve not been knowing what to write or how to write.”

Fortunately, it’s true what they say, “Every dark cloud has its silver lining.” And for Fleet Foxes, things did work out after all. They have produced a more mature and, not surprisingly, an even better album that focuses more on bass and groove. In addition, the album also sends out a schizophrenic vibe—what with all the slashed out titles. This is definitely not a traditional Fleet Foxes kind of work. You would think listening to them do the same thing for their next albums is ok, but given how they’d work on Helplessness Blues, it only shows that this band is definitely worth following. Furthermore, this album is neither helpless nor blue at all! In fact, listening to it makes you feel that you can face the music, no matter how life deals it to you.

Makes me wonder what’s up in their sleeves for their future albums.

PJ Harvey Bags Mercury Prize

Posted on September 08, 2011

Hey everyone! I’m back. Hopefully, this gets to be a regular thing. I mentioned in my post that every thing’s been too quiet lately, hence the lack of posts. Today, on the other hand, I have good news to share. Turns out PJ Harvey and Adele were favourites for the Mercury Prize.

PJ Harvey - Mercury Prize Winner 2011

Anyway, my good ol’ friend PJ Harvey bagged the Mercury Prize! Actually, this happened a few days ago. That’s the 6th of September to be exact. Was busy catching up with some friends, I couldn’t write about it immediately. Going back, this is the second time PJ has won the Mercury Prize. The first time she got this award was way back in 2001. Unfortunately, the awarding that year happened on 9/11. So as much as everyone wanted to celebrate, we couldn’t—given the very depressing terrorist attacks in The Big Apple.

Incidentally, PJ Harvey mentioned about her first Mercury Prize. She has this to say when she accepted her award a few days ago, “It’s nice to actually be here. I was in in Washington DC watching The Pentagon burning from my hotel window, so it’s good to be here. So much has happened since then. This album took me a long time write. It was very important to me, I wanted to make something that was meaningful not just for myself but for other people, hopefully to make something that would last.” The event, by the way, was held at Grosvenor Hotel, London.

Oh before I forget, the Barclaycard Mercury Prize was formerly known as the  Mercury Music Prize. This is an award giving body which gives tribute to the best music albums in the United Kingdom and in Ireland. This has been an annual event since it was founded in 1992. In addition, this is sort of like an alternative for the Brit Awards. Lastly, it was first sponsored by Mercury Communications. Now you see why the award-giving body is called the way it is, huh? After which, sponsors changed. Technics sponsored for 3 years (1998-2001). On the other hand, Barclaycard has been sponsoring the Mercury Prize since 2009 up until now

Posted on September 07, 2011

Hi there,long time since we have posted anything on the site so many apologies – no particular reason really other than things have been quiet !.

Well the tour with nile has been done for quite awhile now and we all agree that it was a sucess,great attendnces and good reactions made it very enjoyable from our point of view.
We had a great time with the rest of the bands as well and had a lot of fun so thanks to those guy’s as well for making it a killer tour it went by way to fast.

As many of you know we are discussing the possiblility of doing the leaders not followers 2 album and that seems to be coming together really well – basically searching through a big bag of demo’s and casettes from our basement choosing which songs to cover – and there is a lot for sure,i would expect us to begin working on that in the next month or so with a possible release at the end of the year on our own label – should have some song titles for you all very soon as well…

Otherwise all is quiet,jesse and danny are stil at home in Los angeles and so things will start to get back to normal when they return.

There are some festivals happening this summer and we will have details of them for you pretty soon,as for another full tour of europe or the states not just yet but these things will take shape in the usual napalm tradition ie:very quickly…

Ok guy’s thats about it for now be well and take care of yourselves…