Fleet Foxes: Neither Helpless nor Blue

Posted on September 9, 2011

Fleet Foxes, an Oregon-based folk band, released their self-titled debut album on the 3rd of June 2008 and on the 9th of the same month in the USA and the UK, respectively.  Three years later, we have come across their second album, Helplessness Blues.

Just how helpless and blue are we talking about? For one thing, the previous album had a “cheery” feel to it. This time around, the second album carries on a different tune. Helplessness Blues has a dark ominous cloud hovering on the horizon. This baroque pop music clearly reflects what Fleet Foxes has been through.

While working on the album, the band had prepared several songs. Most of these songs could have been included for the second album launch. However, these same songs were to be set aside causing much stress and problems to the band. Robin Pecknold, Fleeting Foxes’ songwriter, shares that “The last year has been a really trying creative process where I’ve not been knowing what to write or how to write.”

Fortunately, it’s true what they say, “Every dark cloud has its silver lining.” And for Fleet Foxes, things did work out after all. They have produced a more mature and, not surprisingly, an even better album that focuses more on bass and groove. In addition, the album also sends out a schizophrenic vibe—what with all the slashed out titles. This is definitely not a traditional Fleet Foxes kind of work. You would think listening to them do the same thing for their next albums is ok, but given how they’d work on Helplessness Blues, it only shows that this band is definitely worth following. Furthermore, this album is neither helpless nor blue at all! In fact, listening to it makes you feel that you can face the music, no matter how life deals it to you.

Makes me wonder what’s up in their sleeves for their future albums.

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