Slipknot DJ Sid Wilson Debuts Solo Album

Posted on September 9, 2011

DJ Sid Wilson

Over the years, I have had a blast with the band; going on tours; meeting new friends; attending rockin’ parties; and most importantly learning new things from these experiences. From these functions, we got to know musicians and fans, whom we are all grateful for. In relation, it is also in one of these events that I have come to know Sid Wilson. You may know him from the other names he goes by: DJ Starscream, # 0, and Ratboy.

Now, why am I writing about Sid? You all know him from Slipknot. He’s the youngest band member, and he does the background music and scratching for the band. Occasionally, he also dabbles with the keyboards. On the other hand, you may have heard of him getting severe burns on his leg. The cause? He lit himself on fire. On other instances, you may have heard of him getting body injuries from jumping off the stage and diving into guard rails. Crazy, right? However,  who doesn’t have a bit of craziness lurking in himself? Most importantly, underneath all the crazy antics lies a great artist who now has taken the steps to go out alone.

Go out alone meaning, Sid Wilson has been working on his solo album. Actually, this has been under wraps for several years. Incidentally, his self titled album, SID, is scheduled for release on 13 September 2011. This album can be bought in all parts of the world via Amazon and iTunes. With the release of this album, you’ll see just how much of a versatile artist Sid is. I heard that Sid did most of the work in terms of engineering, writing, producing, and recording. Would you look at that! In addition, the debut album was mixed by Ross Robinson and mastered by Chris Gehringer.

The album, they say, is a mix of several genres that have inspired Sid. What does Sid have to say though? According to him, “The structure is B-boy. It’s all based off of hip hop.” Now that’s interesting! After all, Slipknot is a heavy-metal band. Looks like we’re all going to see a different side of Sid. Can’t wait to grab a copy of Sid’s debut album.

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