Music Lessons: How to Creatively Motivate Your Kids

Posted on September 9, 2011

Motivate your Kid

Taking music lessons when we were still kids is a common scenario. Remember when your parents forced you to take music lessons? You, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with the guitar lessons. What your parents did not know, you wanted to try your hands on the drums or the keyboards. You tried to give them a hint by looking longingly at the drums, but your parents would have none of it, saying the drums were too noisy to be considered music. How wrong they were. Drums are as capable as other instruments to make beautiful music. Anyway, the point here is that parents should learn to listen to their children once in a while. They could have taken your interests into consideration when they got you to study music lessons. Having said that, it would do you well to do the same thing once you decide to give your own kids music lessons.

Teaching kids to play musical instruments can be a frustrating task. Children would rather play with video games, dolls, and their imaginary friends rather than with musical instruments. That may be true, but it does not mean there’s nothing you can do to motivate your kids from taking music lessons.

First things first. Be sure to take your kids’ opinion as mentioned earlier. Doing so will help motivate your kid into further studying his choice of musical instruments. Second be sure to boost your kids confidence. You can do this by continually praising your child. However, be sure not to overdo it. This way, your child will look forward to getting praises from you. Another thing, the child will appreciate each task he has accomplished if he knows that he earned the praises he has been getting.

Another way to motivate your child into playing musical instruments is by giving rewards. And by rewards, we mean physical prizes like a doll, a toy car, or just some candies. Regardless of the prize, your child will definitely perform better during music lessons if he knows he can be rewarded for his efforts. Try giving your little girl some pretty beads after she finishes with her voice or music lessons. Beads? What would your daughter need beads for? Good question. She can collect as many beads as long  as she does well on her lessons. But before doing this project, you can tell her that she can get a bracelet for doing well with the lessons she’s taking. And the best part here is that you and your little princess can spend some extra bonding time making her bracelets and necklaces using the beads she earned from the music lessons. Crafty, right?

As for the princes, you can start off by buying inexpensive toys for the boys. Next, you can mark these toys with prices. Afterwards, you can tell the boys that they can buy from the “family” store using poker chips. However, the boys can only get poker chips every time they finish with their music lessons. It would also be a good idea to use different colored chips for every child. This way they can avoid borrowing “money” / chips from each other.

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