PJ Harvey Bags Mercury Prize

Posted on September 9, 2011

Hey everyone! I’m back. Hopefully, this gets to be a regular thing. I mentioned in my post that every thing’s been too quiet lately, hence the lack of posts. Today, on the other hand, I have good news to share. Turns out PJ Harvey and Adele were favourites for the Mercury Prize.

PJ Harvey - Mercury Prize Winner 2011

Anyway, my good ol’ friend PJ Harvey bagged the Mercury Prize! Actually, this happened a few days ago. That’s the 6th of September to be exact. Was busy catching up with some friends, I couldn’t write about it immediately. Going back, this is the second time PJ has won the Mercury Prize. The first time she got this award was way back in 2001. Unfortunately, the awarding that year happened on 9/11. So as much as everyone wanted to celebrate, we couldn’t—given the very depressing terrorist attacks in The Big Apple.

Incidentally, PJ Harvey mentioned about her first Mercury Prize. She has this to say when she accepted her award a few days ago, “It’s nice to actually be here. I was in in Washington DC watching The Pentagon burning from my hotel window, so it’s good to be here. So much has happened since then. This album took me a long time write. It was very important to me, I wanted to make something that was meaningful not just for myself but for other people, hopefully to make something that would last.” The event, by the way, was held at Grosvenor Hotel, London.

Oh before I forget, the Barclaycard Mercury Prize was formerly known as the  Mercury Music Prize. This is an award giving body which gives tribute to the best music albums in the United Kingdom and in Ireland. This has been an annual event since it was founded in 1992. In addition, this is sort of like an alternative for the Brit Awards. Lastly, it was first sponsored by Mercury Communications. Now you see why the award-giving body is called the way it is, huh? After which, sponsors changed. Technics sponsored for 3 years (1998-2001). On the other hand, Barclaycard has been sponsoring the Mercury Prize since 2009 up until now

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